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Monday, October 17, 2005

NEW - dbest of... DAILY

To make dbest of... more dynamic, the center section will still cover more weighty topics on a weekly basis, while the side bar to the right >>>>>>>

... will cover more whimsical and random topics daily.

Make and discuss your nominees in the Chatterbox one day, then return the next to vote. Now, there's a reason to visit dbest of... every day!

#5 What's dbest... Vacation Destination?

So, what's dbest... vacation destination? I'd pretty much take a vacation in my backyard to get a break from it all right now, but the nominated destinations would be much better.

#7 What's dbest... Classic Sports Car?

To be a classic, it's got to be at least 25 years old; so we're looking for sports cars made in or before 1980. Can you believe a 1980 Corvette is now a "Classic"? Wow, feelin' old.

Click comments below to nominate your finalists for next week's vote.

#6 What's dbest... Current Model Sports Car Under $50K?

OK, people voted for "Best Car" to be the next dbest of... topic. But, that's a bit broad. So let's narrow the focus into two categories this week, and we'll return to the car topic now and again.

To start, let's look at sports cars. And let's look at the reasonably priced ones first, and those that are available at dealerships now: '05 and '06 models. What's dbest... Current Model Sports Car Under $50k? Click here to review some contenders. Can't believe there's a Lotus available in this range, but that wouldn't be my vote.

Click comments below to nominate a finalist for next week's voting!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

#4 What's dbest... mixed drink?

Margarita wins. Ummmmmm - that looks GGGOOD!
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