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Sunday, September 18, 2005

#2 Who's dbest... modern athlete?

For the second "dbest of..." topic, let's see who you think is the dbest... modern athlete, meaning someone from our lifetime. Someone who made their mark from 1970 on (the past 35 years generally considered the "modern era" in many sports).

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#1: What's dbest... U2 Song Ever?

What better topic to kick-off "dbest of..." blog than a good debate about dbest band ever: U2?

Now usually, there would be a week's worth of discussion in the comments before we open the voting, but since this is the first "dbest of..." topic, we'll jump straight to the VOTING. You can still state your case for your pick via a comment below or chatter to the right. In fact, that's encouraged.

So here we go. Each "dbest of..." poll will remain open for one week; so please check back, weigh in on the discussion and see how the voting progresses.

And please spread the word about this topic and this new blog.

9/24 Update - Voting is close, as "With or Without You" holds a one-vote lead.
9/25 Update - Voting ends with a tie, see run-off posting above.

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Suggestions for a future dbest of... topic?

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